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Silver Thread Escape

. . . where the air is as sweet as the scenery . . .


Creede is unlike any other- located in southwest Colorado and houses the headwaters of the mighty Rio Grande River! Creede is the county seat and the only incorporated town in Mineral County, but it's more than enough for your mountainous getaway vacation. Gold Medal Ribbon waters, lucrative hunting opportunities, wild foraging and rock hounding are at your fingertips! And don't forget our snowy seasons; Wolf Creek Ski Area boasts the most snowfall in the lower 48, and the pristine landscapes surrounding Creede proper are ripe for snowmobiling and snowshoeing. 

This historic mining town offers contemporary boutiques for plenty of shopping but maintains its traditional character through remembrance of its roots. Our Underground Mining Museum and old mining tours hint at older times, yet you can still step back into the present by walking down Main Street, and into one of our unique and beautiful art galleries. Our restaurants and shops showcase the charm that will never be gone from the atmosphere and the people of the beloved city of Creede, Colorado.


Despite our small, year-round population (around 700), we have the largest percentage of National Forest land within any other county in Colorado. That means you’ll have lots of opportunities to find adventure in big, wide-open wilderness.

Get some artistic inspiration at Creede Repertory Theatre or in any one of our number of beautiful art galleries. Wander around town and you're sure to find live music streaming out the doors of local watering holes.

If you have a fondness for the past, plan a day to investigate our heritage with a walking tour at the Creede Historical Museum, a guided tour at the Underground Mining Museum and a drive along the scenic Bachelor Loop. But be warned, you might develop a bit of our Old West attitude.

Our small community also means big family get-togethers. Creede hosts many events and festivals throughout the year, all of which are family-friendly!
Creede’s uninhibited wilderness, unexpected entertainment, inspired art community, and well-preserved heritage are what brings families back to visit us, year after year. In fact, many have been visiting Creede for generations!

Take a chance and seek out “the road less traveled.” Creede will be your best adventure yet!


Bachelor Historic Loop – A 17-mile alpine loop through Creede’s old mining camps. This is a must-see if you’re in town and only a short drive away. The whole loop doesn’t take more than an hour driving, depending on if you stop.

Rio Grande River – This well-known river has its headwaters near the Rio Grande Reservoir close to Creede. It passes directly through town in the form of Willow Creek, offering convenient fishing access. There are also several sections popular for whitewater rafting on the Rio Grande River.

Silver Thread Scenic Byway – Seventy-five stunning miles from Lake City to South Fork. Discover waterfalls, mines, and natural landmarks along its route.

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